About Liz & Michael

Husband and wife team, Liz and Michael Ostendorp, have been photographers for 15 years, the past four professionally. They specialize in portraits using natural light and newborn lifestyle sessions. Liz and Michael met at a photography meet-up, doing what they love most:  taking pictures! Their approach to everything they shoot is simple: capture real moments that people cherish. The joke that someone tells that causes everyone to laugh, the smiles in between poses, or something as simple as a child picking up a leaf while walking – these are the things that make life beautiful. These are the moments you will look back on and remember, and that Liz and Michael aim to capture.

Liz and Michael's photos have been featured in Millburn Short-Hills Magazine, Montclair Magazine, and The Daily Record.  

Liz Ostendorp 

Liz graduated in 2003 with a BA in Creative Arts and Technology from Bloomfield College. She currently teaches Visual art in Morristown, NJ. She has taught art for over 15 years, including summer camps and programs for children with Autism. She has a great rapport with children of all ages and specializes in portraits. In her spare time, she likes wine tasting and visiting the many vineyards in NJ. Liz also enjoys cooking, cross fit and spending time with her one and a half year old daughter and two cats.

Michael Ostendorp

Michael graduated Franklin Pierce University in 2001 with a BA in English. He has been a graphic designer for over 15 years, most recently designing local magazines in northern New Jersey. His speciality is interior and landscape photography. When not spending time in Adobe Photoshop, or chasing his one and a half year old daughter, Michael likes to read, tend to his backyard gardens and go wine tasting with his wife.


Our Style

experimentation is essential
to creative living

There was a time when jacks-of-all-trades were considered invaluable. But these days there is constant talk of "niches" in business and marketing, and the photography business is no exception. Everyone is telling photographers to specialize – to find a niche, or even a niche within a niche, and focus on it.

“Specialization is for insects.”
— Robert A. Heinlein

That may work wonders for some photographers, but we find this advice doesn't quite fit. Firstly, we are a husband and wife team, and we each bring something different to a photoshoot. Liz's expertise is with children and natural portraiture. Michael's expertise is with architecture and landscapes.

But we also don't like being pigeon-holed. Our "style" is not a specific genre of photographs, but the way we take photographs.

We are also constantly learning and growing, and part of learning and growing is to constantly try new things. Sometimes we master those new things. Sometimes different techniques learned in different genres of photography compliment other types of photography.

We value the fact that we have tried and learned many different kinds of photography, and offer a variety of them as a service.



What type of photography do you focus on?

We specialize in lifestyle portraiture for family, newborn and children. Newborn photography can take place in the comfort of your own home. Family portraits can take place in your favorite park. We want these photos to be memorable, and making them be as natural as possible goes a long way towards that.

What is Lifestyle Photography?

You can walk into almost any retail chain these days and have professional photos taken. But you will likely feel rushed and stressed. Photography studios also seem to be on every corner these days, offering elaborately posed photos, but they may not reflect the true personality of you and your family.

Lifestyle Photography is about capturing people as authentically as possible, in real situations or during real-life milestones, and experiencing real emotions. To think of it another way, Lifestyle Photography falls somewhere in between documentary photography and classic portraiture, and uses multiple photography disciplines and styles like landscape, fashion, and even wildlife.

We won't pretend to be able to define Lifestyle Photography beyond that. It can mean different specifics for every photographer. Some may believe there should be no interference from the photographer during a lifestyle photoshoot. Others feel that as long as you elicit genuine emotions from your subject you're OK.

We at LMO Photography use Lifestyle Photography to tell a genuine story about people's lives, whether it's a major event like a birth, or the everyday moments of an afternoon in the park. We believe that if we capture you at your most authentic – such as interactions between siblings, candid embraces between spouses, or even little moments between shooting locations – the result will be something you remember many years from now because it's based on something real. You're also more likely to look your best when you're at your most candid, with a minimum amount of posing direction from us. We like to think our results speak for themselves, so please take a few minutes to browse our portfolio galleries to see if this style is what you're looking for.

What happens in a photo session?

All photo sessions begin with a pre-session consultation. Together, we'll decide what your session will focus on. Our discussion will include your family members, your personalities, clothing choices, and favorite activities to do as a family and whether we can integrate that into the session location.

Photo sessions are relaxed and fun. We want to capture your family's relationships, personalities, and connection in a natural, organic way. On average, children and family photo sessions last between 30 minutes and 60 minutes. Newborn sessions generally last longer at 2-3 hours with plenty of time for baby feeding, napping and changing. We do not charge anything if we spend more time than estimated or scheduled. We schedule accordingly, and photo sessions are about you and your family.

When can we view our session images?

You will have previews (proofs) within 3-6 days, depending on how busy we are and what type of session you had. Watermarked images will be presented in an online gallery that will allow you to select the images you want edited.

Portrait sessions start with 10-20 edited photos, and Lifestyle Sessions start with 25 edited photos. Edited photos will be delivered within 7-10 days after selection.

Do I get print rights with my edited photos?

Yes. You receive full print and reproduction rights to your edited photos. They will be delivered to you in an online gallery what you can share on social media or email, order prints through our preferred photo labs, or download the files directly from. Downloaded images are high-resolution, suitable for large printing.

Can I get more than 10-20 images edited?

Yes! You will have between 20-50 photos to choose from to have edited, depending on your type of session ordered. But if you can't narrow them down, or love all of them, you are welcome to order more or even all photos to be edited. 

The rate for additional edited photos is: $20 per individual photo, or a bulk discount of $50 for 5 extra photos, $100 for 10 extra photos, and $150 for 25 extra photos.

Can I get my images on a DVD or USB stick?

Yes. We offer a $70 "Digital Delight" add-on that gives you all your edited images ordered on a USB stick (or DVD if you prefer), delivered in a wooden box with 4x6 prints of all edited images.

Can you retouch or Photoshop my photos?

To a degree, all photos will already be "retouched." All digital photos must be "processed." We make sure the colors are balanced and uniform across all photos, and increase sharpening appropriately. And all photos chosen for editing by clients will be very lightly retouched, removing noticeable distractions like fly-away hairs, major skin blemishes, or shiny reflections on faces.

We prefer to keep photos as natural looking as possible. However, if you would like major airbrushing (e.g. removing entire objects or people, manipulating body weight, etc) done, we offer it at a custom ad-on fee determined by the difficult of the work requested.

Do you charge a travel fee?

We do not charge a travel fee within 25 miles of Morristown, NJ. Although this covers most of northern New Jersey, we are very willing to travel beyond this. We have taken photo sessions in Central Park and the Jersey Shore. We charge roughly .50 per mile beyond 25 miles of Morristown, NJ. We will give you a custom travel fee quote if your session takes place at a distance.